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Eddie Hearn urges Jake Paul to fight KSI

Eddie Hearn urges Jake Paul to fight KSI

Eddie Hearn has told Jake Paul to fight fellow YouTuber KSI.

The social media star suffered the first loss of his boxing career to Tommy Fury at the weekend and Hearn believes that the fighter should opt for a lucrative bout against KSI rather than a rematch against the former 'Love Island' contestant.

The promoter told The DAZN Boxing Show: "The rematch, I know people will watch it, but we've seen what they are, not very good… Fight KSI, it's absolutely massive. Because the reality is any time you fight anyone with any ability, you will get beat.

"I do respect Jake Paul. I mean look, he can't fight, he's never gonna be a world champion."

Hearn was unimpressed by the fight between Paul and Fury and believes that neither of the boxers are particularly talented.

He said: "He’s got a decent jab, he’s tough, but he’s just not very good – neither of them are.

"Tommy Fury is also not very good at all. What you had, was two not very good fighters who are quite evenly matched.

"I gave Tommy most of the rounds, obviously the knockdown made it quite interesting. But I thought, give Jake his due, he had a go."

Paul revealed after the fight that he was hoping for a second fight against Fury and that illness and injury during his training camp meant he was "flat" during the clash.

He said: "We can run it back. I think we deserve that rematch.

"I felt flat - I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm. This wasn't my best performance, but that's no excuse."

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