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Gianni Infantino calls for even more football

Gianni Infantino calls for even more football

Gianni Infantino thinks that "way more" football needs to be played.

The FIFA president has been re-elected until 2027 but the governing body has been criticised for plans to expand the football calendar with a 48-team World Cup in 2026 and a new 32-team Club World Cup.

However, Infantino has dismissed the concerns and explained that more football is actually needed in some parts of the world.

He said: "When I hear there is too much football, yes, maybe in some places, but not everywhere.

"In fact, in most parts of the world there is not enough football played.

"We need way more and not less competitions, we want football to develop worldwide.

"We are discussing organising a women's Club World Cup and a FIFA World Series in March every two years, when teams are free from playing qualifiers."

Infantino also revealed that it might be "necessary" to bring in a salary gap to be implanted across the game in a bid to put a limit on crazy transfer fees.

The president said: "We must improve our regulations and the FIFA statutes.

"We will continue to evolve our good governance principles and look at the transfer system, and maybe have a discussion to improve transparency of transfer fees and salaries.

"It might be necessary to introduce a cap, we have to think how we can do that. We will look at it with all stakeholders and see what we can do."

Infantino was criticised for his support of the controversial World Cup in Qatar last year but is determined to do his best in the job regardless of what the public think of him.

He said: "It is an incredible honour and privilege, and a great responsibility.

"I promise to continue serving FIFA and football around the world.

"To those that love me, and I know there are many, and those who hate me... I love you all."

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