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Aleksandar Mitrovic admits to making 'a mistake' in FA Cup clash

Aleksandar Mitrovic admits to making 'a mistake' in FA Cup clash

Aleksandar Mitrovic regrets pushing referee Chris Kavanagh during Fulham's FA Cup quarter-final defeat to Manchester United.

The 28-year-old striker lost his cool with the referee after he awarded a penalty to United in the game at Old Trafford, and Mitrovic now acknowledges that he made a "mistake".

Speaking to Sky Sports, the Serbia international said: "I made a mistake, it's clear, I should not react like this.

"It was important that I spoke to the referee after a few days and he knew it was nothing personal to him. It was a reaction, he understood, anything can happen in the heat of the moment.

"It's the way I play the game, I care so much for this club and winning that I play very emotionally. I didn't control myself, made a mistake and accepted the punishment and fine. I've learned from it."

Despite this, Mitrovic doesn't intend to change his playing style.

The Fulham star insists he's learned from his mistake and he's already drawn a line under the incident.

Mitrovic - who received an eight-match ban and a £75,000 fine from the Football Association - shared: "The way I play is not going to change much. I'm not going to attack the referee. I'm a winner, no matter if I play video games or against someone on the pitch, I try to win.

"I had a lot of conversations with the manager. He told me not to change, to control myself better, of course, but this is who I am.

"If you ask any referee, I shake their hand after the game. It's something I've learned from and it was tough for me. It's behind me now."

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