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Anthony Yarde reveals his retirement plans

Anthony Yarde reveals his retirement plans

Anthony Yarde plans to retire within the next six years.

The 32-year-old light heavyweight is currently planning for his future to make sure he is financially comfortable when he walks away from the ring for good because he’s aware that “money can come and go”.

Asked if he has thought about life after boxing, he told Boxing News: “Most definitely. I’m very calculated in my mind, because I’ve been through a lot in my life.

“I’ve come from having absolutely nothing.

“I remember there was a period of time when me and my friends used to share a £2 chicken and chips meal. We used to go halves because at one point we had no money.

“To see what I’ve come from and what I’ve done with my life, yes, I’ve done well, but things like money can come and go.

“When you’re in a career, you realize you have to pay tax and there’s other things to pay.

“I pay attention to life and realize that time goes quick.

“I’m 32 now. I want to retire within six years. It’s about planning.

“I’ve invested in property and other bits. I think of the here and now, because that’s what can make my future better.”

Anthony would urge any aspiring fighter not to worry about pleasing other people.

Asked the advice he’d give for young boxers turning professional, he said: “The same thing I told myself, ‘Do what makes you happy.’

“You can’t please boxing fans, you can’t please your friends, you can’t please anyone but yourself.

“To please a person, you have to disappoint another person, that’s just the way it goes.”

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