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Deontay Wilder targets brutal victory over Zhilei Zhang

Deontay Wilder targets brutal victory over Zhilei Zhang

Deontay Wilder has vowed to unleash his knockout power on Zhilei Zhang.

The former world heavyweight champion returns to action against the Chinese veteran on June 1 and hopes that a demonstration of his destructive punching power can catapult him back into top echelon of the division.

Wilder told Sky Sports: "I'm expecting his A plus plus game, I like Zhang, I like him as a fighter and what he presents inside the ring.

"Especially for the first half of a fight he seems like a true killer and somebody who is going to come and has nice technique and movement.

"Eventually he burns out and that might be the end of him dealing with a fighter like me, I can go. I like him, I like the fight, I love that he's a hard hitter, I am as well and may the best man win."

Wilder explained that he is being "selfish" in a bid to breathe new life into a career that has stuttered since he lost his WBC heavyweight title to Tyson Fury back in 2020.

He said: "There was a time when all that died for me, when you don't have that in a business like this it's not good. Not for the fighter or the business. I had to readjust, get myself together.

"I've been selfless all my life, catering to other people, making other people have a wonderful life, been able to support and help so many people off my blood, sweat and tears.

"As fighters we make this money off true blood, sweat and tears and to be where I am right now, to know I've done so much greatness, now it's all about me. I call it being selfish and sometimes it's okay to be selfish.

"At this point in time, for me to get that hunger and desire back, to give people The Bronze Bomber who they so miss now, I've got to be selfish."

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