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Iga Swiatek expresses worries about busy tennis calendar

Iga Swiatek expresses worries about busy tennis calendar

Iga Swiatek thinks the "demanding" tennis calendar is preventing players from competing at their best.

The world number one has had little time to rest on her thrilling Madrid Open success last weekend as she has moved immediately onto the Italian Open and believes that the packed schedule full of mandatory events doesn't allow the game's top stars to play at the highest level.

Swiatek said: "Overall, the Tour is getting more and more demanding, because of the length of the tournaments and all these mandatory rules, both on ATP and WTA.

"Scheduling-wise, the planning is going to be more important, sometimes even [missing] some tournaments that are important for you, for you to be ready for the next one.

"Even if I win [a tournament], it doesn't stick in my head. I celebrate for one day, then I'm off to another tournament ... in my head."

The four-time Grand Slam champion added: "We don't have time to rest properly. You have to use these days [between long-running events] and treat them a little bit like days off.

"These tournaments are longer and it's not possible to have days off [like] before, so sometimes you have to have them during."

Swiatek starts her Italian Open campaign in Rome later this week and says that she does not expect to be "fresh" for the tournament after her success in Madrid.

She said: "I’m not expecting myself to be fresh. Truly, like when I came to Madrid, I was more tired at the beginning of the tournament after Stuttgart than I was actually before the final. It really depends how the matches are going to look like."

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