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Rio Ferdinand: Man Utd are in a cycle of mediocrity

Rio Ferdinand: Man Utd are in a cycle of mediocrity

Rio Ferdinand says Manchester United need to accept that they are trapped in a "cycle of mediocrity".

The Red Devils have experienced a dismal season as their struggles since the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson go on and the former defender thinks that the club are going through a bad period in their history - just as Liverpool and Arsenal have done in the past.

Ferdinand told The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X: "I’m of the mind that it does happen in cycles, there are cycles in this game, and you’ve just got to accept sometimes that we are in our cycle of mediocrity or even below at this moment in time.

"But it’s about how you then change it. It’s taken 30 years for Liverpool to win a Premier League or an elite title. Hopefully we don’t take that long but you’ve got to look at the examples around.

"Manchester City have come out of the wilderness, Liverpool have come out of their problem, Arsenal are seemingly coming out of their problem now.

"We’ve got to learn from those and take the good parts and elements of those clubs and try and get ourselves back on track."

Ferdinand is uncertain as to whether under-fire manager Erik ten Hag is the right man to take the club forward as he been unable to leave a clear tactical imprint during his two years in charge - although he does acknowledge that the coach has been hindered badly by injuries.

The former England international said: "As a manager, is he the right man? I don’t know. But in any industry, if you lose your best components and you’ve got to go to war without your best components, you are going to find it very difficult.

"My only real criticism of him really, I would say, is that, regardless of injuries, you normally see a style of football that you can identify with that manager and his team."

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