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Daniel Sturridge proud to have made history with Olympics appearance

Daniel Sturridge proud to have made history with Olympics appearance

Daniel Sturridge thinks it is much “cooler” to have played in the 2012 Olympics instead of that year’s Euros.

The former Manchester City and Liverpool star was disappointed not to be selected for the England squad at Euro 2012 but making history as part of the Great Britain team at the London games more than made up for it.

He told FourFourTwo magazine: “There was also the Euros that summer – I didn’t make that England squad but I thought I should have been there.

“I’d scored a decent amount of goals that season and had a decent number of assists, so I felt as if I should have gone, but then the opportunity presented itself to go to the Olympics.

“It was like, ‘Wow, I have a chance to go to the Olympics now?’ Of course I want to go. I was grateful.

“I think it’s much cooler in my life story to have played at the Olympics – the only one a British men’s footballer could play in. We made history.”

The Olympics also saw the Sky pundit establish a friendship with boxer Anthony Joshua after they met at the athlete’s village.

He said: “This was before he became the heavyweight champion – he was a young boxer at the Olympics.

“I went to meet him with Micah [Richards] and we became cool.

“He was trying to be a heavyweight champion and you saw a similar mindset and lifestyle. Then our careers both developed; I started progressing further in my career and he began advancing further in his.

“He’s done exceptionally well. We don’t talk often but sometimes I’ll speak to him at a fight or we’ll exchange a text.”

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