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Keyshawn Davis wants a title

Keyshawn Davis wants a title

Keyshawn Davis will take on “whatever world title shot comes along”.

The Olympic silver medallist is “ready” to take his chance for any belts he can fight for, though he knows there’s always things to learn about boxing.

He told Boxing News magazine: “I feel like, with me being 25, I’m not old but I’m older. Like I said, I’m ready. This could be the world title fight, you know?

“I could learn until the day I retire, that’s not even a question.

“I’m always going to learn. I’m a student of the game.

“But in terms of world title shots, and whether I’m ready for them or not, I’m ready right now. There are no more fights that I need. I’m ready.

“Whatever world title shot comes along, I’ll take it.

“I’ve never been a world champion before in the professional ranks, so anybody who gives me a shot, I’ll take it.”

However, despite his hunger for success, the lightweight doesn’t want to face his close friend Shakur Stevenson in the ring.

He said: “We don’t have to do nothing we don’t want to do.

“Me and Shakur are family.”

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