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Robots 'could join fight against coronavirus'

Robots could be used in the fight against Covid-19.

That is according to Professor Andy Cooper, who has claimed that various labs have expressed an interest in embracing robot technology in order to beat coronavirus.

Speaking to the BBC, the scientist explained: "We've had a lot of interest [in the robot] from labs that are doing Covid research.

"Covid, climate change - there are lots of problems that really need international co-operation.

"So our vision is we might have robots like this all across the world connected by a centralised brain which can be anywhere. We haven't done that yet - this is the first example - but that's absolutely what we'd like to do."

Meanwhile, Deirdre Black, the head of research and innovation at the Royal Society of Chemistry, believes the UK must embrace new technologies in order to progress.

She said: "This is about human beings harnessing all of these digital technologies, so that they can go faster - discover and innovate faster and explore bigger and more complex problems, like decarbonisation, preventing and treating disease, and making our air cleaner."

Asked if this means scientists will eventually be replaced by robots, she replied: "Absolutely not. Science will always need people."

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