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Mark Zuckerberg: App Store has unilateral control over apps

Mark Zuckerberg says "questions" need to be asked when it comes to Apple's App Store's "unilateral control" over apps.

The Facebook CEO was asked for his opinion on the antitrust backlash the tech giant is facing.

Appearing on HBO's 'Axios', he said: "Well I certainly think that they have the unilateral control of what gets on the phones in terms of apps.

"I think it's probably about 50% of Americans who have smart phones, and a lot more people around the world. I think there are more than a billion Apple devices. So I do think that there are questions that people should be looking into about that control of the App Store and whether that is enabling as robust of a competitive dynamic."

By contrast, the billionaire entrepreneur was full of praise of the App Store's rival Google Play Store.

He added: "As a developer if you're not in the Google Play Store, at least you still have a way to get your app on people's devices. And that means that people aren't completely going to be shut out if they're doing something that Google doesn't prefer. I think that that's really important, that people have a way to create something and get it on devices if people want."

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