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YouTube bans misleading claims about coronavirus vaccines

YouTube has vowed to ban misleading claims about coronavirus vaccines.

The video-sharing platform has announced a new effort to crackdown on Covid-19 misinformation, warning it'll ban any clips that contradict expert advice from local health authorities.

In a statement, YouTube - which is owned by Google - explained: "A Covid-19 vaccine may be imminent, therefore we're ensuring we have the right policies in place to be able to remove [related] misinformation."

According to YouTube - which has come under increasing pressures to crackdown on conspiracy theories and misinformation in recent months - it has already removed 200,000 dangerous or misleading videos about coronavirus.

Similarly, Facebook has announced plans to ban ads that discourage people from getting vaccinated.

The company introduced the policy in response to recent accusations that it has been profiting from the spread of anti-vaccination posts.

The social networking platform explained in a blog post: "Our goal is to help messages about the safety and efficacy of vaccines reach a broad group of people, while prohibiting ads with misinformation that could harm public health efforts."

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