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TikTok introduces new parental controls

TikTok has added tougher parental controls to its platform.

The video-sharing app has ensured that parents are able to prevent strangers from seeing their child's posts, as well as blocking their kids from carrying out searches.

The company said in a statement: "Today's announcement is just the latest in the steps TikTok has taken this year to keep younger users safe on the platform, including restricting direct messaging to over-16s and prompting all users under-18 to set their account to private when they join."

Although children can still override the new controls, they can't do it without their parents being told.

NSPCC's Andy Burrows has welcomed the latest changes by the video-sharing company.

However, he's also warned that the UK government still needed to ensure TikTok and other apps are held accountable for other safety issues.

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: "This feature is a step in the right direction, giving parents extra options to safely tailor social media to what is appropriate for their children.

"While this is a useful tool for other platforms to follow, it's clear that the only way to make social networks safer across the board is through regulation that holds tech firms accountable for failing to protect children."

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