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Mark Zuckerberg: More could to be done to tackle social media addiction

Mark Zuckerberg thinks more could be done to tackle social media addiction.

The Facebook boss has insisted he doesn't have any conclusive proof that his social network is addictive, but during an appearance before the US Senate, he conceded that more could be done to support social media users.

Asked if he's seen any evidence that Facebook is addictive, he replied: "From what I've seen so far, it's inconclusive, and most of the research suggests that the vast majority of people do not perceive or experience these services as addictive [but] there should be controls given to people to help them manage their experience better."

The senate meeting was also attended by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.

Like Zuckerberg, he conceded that more can be done to support and inform the users of his platform.

He said: "Like anything else, these tools can be addictive and we should be aware of that, acknowledge it and make sure that we are making our customers aware of better patterns of usage."

During the meeting, Zuckerberg also defended Facebook against accusations it had been slow in removing posts that promoted insurrection and violence in the US.

He explained: "We strengthened our enforcement against militias and conspiracy networks like QAnon to prevent them from using our network to organise violence or civil unrest."

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