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New app helps teachers to use iPhones as overheard camera on Zoom

A new app lets teachers use their iPhones as an overhead camera on Zoom.

The new Overviewer programme - which was created by developer Charlie Chapman to help his wife, who works as a kindergarten teacher - acts as a replacement for an overhead document viewer.

The app works with Zoom's screen sharing feature - which in turn works with iPhone connected to a computer either with a Lightning cable or wirelessly via AirPlay - to show a feed from your phone's camera with nothing else getting in the way.

The service also lets you turn on your phone's flashlight to improve lighting, and an option to charge with camera is being display.

Explaining the development, Chapman - who wanted to help his wife as she grew frustrated with the lack of landscape support and all buttons overlaid on-screen - wrote: "So being the dorky husband that I am, I quickly built an app that does nothing other than show what the phone camera sees with zero chrome, and properly rotates the whole app so that you can share it in landscape on zoom.

"This did the trick and she actually used it!

"It’s pretty tailor made for exactly my wife’s use case but I would think that would be a pretty common one for teachers to be in right now in our current virtual teaching world."

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