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Coca-Cola trialling bottles made of paper

Coca-Cola are trialling bottles made of paper for their drinks.

The beverages company have teamed up with Danish company, the Paper Bottle Company, on the new containers for their drinks, which would be 100 per cent recyclable and completely plastic-free.

It will originally be trialled on their fruit drink Adez in Hungary, with 2000 bottles distributed locally to see how it works first before being used more widely.

Michael Michelsen, commercial manager, said: "That's part of the secret really. With a clever combination of product design and the strong fibre blend, that's what makes it really possible to not break under pressure ... We have a good understanding already of what the bottle will go through as we put it into the real world. But there is a certain point where you just can't design yourself out of this at a desk, right? You need to get into that real world and you need to get that real world feedback."

The company will use a plant-based coating on the inside of the bottle.

He added: "It's going to be a bio-based barrier, that's really something minimal, that keeps that food safe, that keeps the product safe at the same time. We have a couple of different options ... we have the technology path pretty much chosen, but it is something that we definitely need to pilot and prototype."

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