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Reddit removed 233m posts in 2020

Reddit removed 6% of all content posted last year.

According to the site's annual transparency report, 233 million of the 3.4 billion posts made by users in 2020 were removed, with almost all of those taken down for spam.

Reddit noted that more than 99% of removals were classed as spam, while the remainder were comprised of offensive content, including violent speech, harassment and sexualisation of minors.

The report notes: "In 2020, 99.2% of admin policy removals were for Content Manipulation, while the remaining 0.8% were for violations of our Content Policy.

"Numbers for both of these categories are broken out separately by subreddits, posts, comments, and private messages (PMs).

"The removal reasons listed reflect our current Content Policy."

Meanwhile, the number of posts being removed has risen by almost 30% year on year.

Over 131 million posts were taken down by the site's automated moderator, with the rest removed by human administrators.

As well as posts, move than 80,000 subreddits - the platform's name for its small communities - were taken down entirely in 2020, which is an increase of four times the 2019 amount.

The report notes: "Reddit admins may remove entire communities that are found to be in violation of our Content Policy.

"Communities may also be removed if they lack active moderation, in accordance with our moderator guidelines.

"The removal of an entire community is always carried out by Reddit admins. In 2020, Reddit admins removed 82,858 communities."

Over three quarters of last year's removals were down to them being unmoderated, with hateful content, ban evasion and harassment making up 20%.

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