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Amazon opens first non-food store in Britain

Amazon has opened its first non-food store in the UK.

The shop is located in the Bluewater shopping centre and will sell around 2,000 of the web giant's most popular and best-rated products.

The store has been called Amazon 4-star because every item has been given more than four stars by customers.

The range of products - which include books, consumer electronics, toys, games, and homeware, reflects what Amazon customers are purchasing on the site.

It included a 'Most Wished For' section that shows the most popular products from customers' wish lists.

Retail expert Natalie Berg believes the move is "purely about experimentation".

She told BBC News: "The giant's aim, she said, is to encourage more online shopping.

"This is not about shifting more product; it's about baiting shoppers into Amazon's ecosystem.

"It's about getting shoppers to engage with Amazon's devices, reminding Prime customers of the value in their memberships, and offering additional choice when it comes to collection and returns of online orders."

However, Berg insists that the jury is out as to whether the web giant is capable of running stores.

She said: "The 4-star concept has the potential to be a bit muddled and uninspiring.

"The store features a smorgasbord of products, the result of Amazon's very scientific, data-led approach to physical retail.

"But when you strip out the high-tech touches, I struggle to see how it differentiates from any other retailer."

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