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PurrSong launches weight-tracking litter box for cats

PurrSong have launched an weight-tracking litter tray for cats.

The healthcare company which designs products for felines announced their new creation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022), which will collect data on a cat's movement and sleep patterns.

CNET reports: "To aid in monitoring your cat's health, PurrSong is releasing a water dispenser that tracks water consumption, a litter box that tracks your cat's weight and bathroom habits and an activity tracker that can collect data on your cat's movement and sleep patterns. The idea is that any and all of this data can help you see your cat's everyday routine and, more importantly, notice early enough when they break that routine."

The fitness tracker comes after the company launched a self-cleaning litterbox at CES back in 2019, but this one is repotedly £equipped with a sensor that detects a cat’s weight, bowel movement frequency, duration and pattern", which when owners pair the deice with an app on their smartphone called A.I Doolittle can help detect when there is something wrong with their feline.

The LavvieBox litter tray has been launched as a trio of products known as the Lavvie suite, with the LavvieTAG being a small device fit round the cat's neck, the Lavvie Water, which can track water consumption.

While little is known about an official release date for the suite their previous self-cleaning litter tray is described on PurrSong's website as "the safest and most innovative automatic, self-cleaning, robotic litter box on the market."

A message on the Purrsong wesbite tells users that the Lavvie suite is "coming soon."

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