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Switch Sports players to be given safety guidance by Nintendo

Nintendo has urged parents to keep an eye on their children when playing 'Nintendo Switch Sports'.

The gaming giant's Japanese customer support team has issued some safety advice, including warning children to make sure they don't accidentally hit each other.

The Twitter post encourages gamers to make sure they're standing a good distance from their television to avoid hitting the screen with the Joy-Con controller.

The post continued: "Also, when playing 'Nintendo Switch Sports', attach the strap to Joy-Con and lock it, then tighten the stopper so that the strap does not come off your wrist, and squeeze it firmly."

The title features games like badminton and volleyball, plus Wii classics like bowling and tennis.

Those games will feel familiar to players who used to use the Wii-mote back in the day, but football will bring something new.

The physical copy of the game will come with a leg strap accessory to let players use kicking motions in shoot-outs.

Meanwhile, there will be a free update later this year which includes golf.

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