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Shaking head, heart and mean goose among 31 new emojis

A shaking head, a new heart colour and a goose will made their debut on smartphone keyboards.

Thirty one new emoticons are being released in September, a considerable smaller drop than last year’s 112, which include the well-received pregnant people, a crutch, and a low battery sign.

Before their drop in September, they will be given a final vet before being able to be used by companies such as Samsung, Google and Apple.

Keith Broni, the editor-in-chief of Emojipedia says the smaller amount of brand spanking new emojis was an “intentional choice”.

He told BBC News: “The Unicode emoji subcommittee want to take more time to consider what will go on the emoji keyboard. In previous years a lot of things were added.

"They want to look at what can we add that is going to represent symbols that we know or experiences we have had - things like a face being shook or the pink hearts."

Keith gave special approval to the pink heart and the shaking head.

He said: "It is most likely going to be used when we are metaphorically or physically shook. But a lot of the rationale behind this has been - how can we convey what happens to a person when they're undergoing the experience of being in an earthquake?

"It's also quite a common visual cue in comic books and cartoons, where people shake their heads so rapidly because they're shocked or flabbergasted."

Keith also thinks that the designer applied “healthy inspiration” from the viral goose video.

He said: "In the case of the goose, the concept goes back to how we use language in an expressive way. What other things can we say with these emojis?

"How can we forget the English idiom 'silly goose'? Through the emoji, that English language idiom becomes a piece of knowledge that can be represented across cultures."

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