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Nike launches shoe cleaning robot

Nike has launched a robot designed to clean shoes.

The famed footwear brand - which was founded back in 1964 and is thought to have sold close to a billion pairs of shoes during its time- has now crated the Bot Initiated Longevity Lab, which utilises digital technology to clean and repair their sneakers.

In a press statement, Nike said: "After loading a shoe into the robot, a three-dimensional digital model of the shoe is created, pinpointing detailed areas of cleaning on the upper, the sidewalls, and the outsole. Shoppers can then select patches to repair areas of wear-and-tear on the upper of their shoe. Once B.I.L.L. has finished with the shoes […] Nike store athletes add new liners and laces made from recycled materials ."

The service will be available exclusively at Nike stores for a trial run throughout September 2022 but will remain "free of charge" to Nike customers.

The statement added: "During the time B.I.L.L. is available in Nike Town London, the service will be free of charge for shoppers.

B.I.L.L. will be available at Nike Town London throughout September. The experience is a pilot and London will provide valuable insights that will guide the future of sustainable services in Nike doors. As B.I.L.L. complements services like Nike Refurbished and Nike Recycling and Donation, Nike will continue experimenting with services that create a more personal bond between people and the products they love."

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