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Tekken 8 officially announced

'Tekken 8' was officially announced during Sony's State of Play.

The highly anticipated game is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the future, with a new teaser showing an atmospheric fight between Jin Kazama and Kazuya.

Although this is no release date yet, Katsuhiro Harada - executive producer and director at Bandai Namco Studio - has given some teasing details for the upcoming game.

On the PlayStation Blog, Harada wrote: "In the trailer, you can see this level of quality in the newly created playable character models that completely sets itself apart from the current 'Tekken 7', and in little details like how water droplets run down the character’s skin.

"This is not footage created solely for trailer purposes, but an actual real-time rendering of what is happening on the game screen.

"Also, if you pay attention to the background during the battle, you can see dynamic waves and tornadoes, a huge tanker gradually breaking apart, storm rendering so realistic that you can feel the wind pressure, the density of the rain."

Harada also pointed to the franchise's record "of being the longest-running story in a video game".

He added: "Just as the ending dialogue of Tekken 7 mentioned, this new entry will focus on the father and son showdown between Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama.

"As for the meaning of the scene in the trailer and how significant it is to the main story... we look forward to you finding it out when the game releases.

"However, the game is still in development, so I’m afraid we will have to ask you to wait a little longer.

"The entire development team is working hard to make this title worth the wait so thank you so much for your support."

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