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Drivers admit to phone use behind the wheel

Drivers admit to phone use behind the wheel

A staggering 30 percent drivers have admitted using their phone behind the wheel.

While the majority of people surveyed claim they are a safe driver, 19% admitted that being distracted and not paying attention resulted in their most recent car accident or incident, with a total of 6.6 million drivers said to have illegally used their mobile device at some point on a journey, with the figuring rising when stopped at traffic lights or for other reasons.

When it comes to using a mobile, 35-54 year olds were found to be the worst offenders, with 49% admitting to doing so.

One in six total respondents admitted to having smoked or vaped while driving, and one in seven drove without being able to fully see through their windscreen or reaching into a bag to find something while on the move.

Andrew Webb, Managing Director of Vitality car insurance - who commissioned the survey to mark National Road Safety Week - said : “There are many things that can distract us behind the wheel, which is one of the biggest causes of accidents on the roads. Using your phone can affect your concentration and means you won’t have both hands readily available should you need to make an emergency manoeuvre, making your chances of having an accident much more likely.

“At Vitality, we know that by taking steps to drive safer we could prevent an accident. It’s why we’re so committed to making roads safer through combining the latest technology - which gives people powerful insights into how they are driving - with rewards such as monthly cashback to encourage them to drive well with our car insurance. This can unlock significant value for customers while also contributing to better roads for all.”

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