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Microsoft is cutting 10k jobs

Microsoft is cutting 10k jobs

Microsoft is cutting 10,000 jobs in its largest layoff in eight years.

The tech giant has confirmed the cuts - which started on Wednesday (18.01.23) and will continue through March - which comes amid economic uncertainty, as well as the company's shift towards other areas of growth, including artificial intelligence.

CEO Satya Nadella said the measures would impact less than five percent of its global workforce, while they have declined to say which roles will be affected.

In a memo to employees shared in a public blogpost, she said: "These decisions are difficult, but necessary. They are especially difficult because they impact people and people’s lives – our colleagues and friends.

"We are committed to ensuring all those whose roles are eliminated have our full support during these transitions.

"U.S.-benefit-eligible employees will receive a variety of benefits, including above-market severance pay, continuing healthcare coverage for six months, continued vesting of stock awards for six months, career transition services, and 60 days’ notice prior to termination, regardless of whether such notice is legally required.

"Benefits for employees outside the U.S. will align with the employment laws in each country."

Nadella said the beginning of 2023 is "showtime" for Microsoft and the industry as a whole.

She added: "As a company, our success must be aligned to the world’s success.

"That means every one of us and every team across the company must raise the bar and perform better than the competition to deliver meaningful innovation that customers, communities, and countries can truly benefit from.

"If we deliver on this, we will emerge stronger and thrive long into the future; it’s as simple as that."

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