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Reddit to compete against TikTok

Reddit to compete against TikTok

Reddit is to launch a video feed.

The social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website - which sees more than 50 million people discuss a plethora of topics in a single day - is planning to launc the feature that appears to be based on the feed seen on the viral video-sharing app TikTok.

In a blog post, Reddit said: "In 2022, we shared our product priorities for the first time and made good on our promises by improving posting experiences, launching our developer program, making comments searchable, updating our moderator tools, and so much more.

"As we head into our 18th year, a lot has changed, but our core ethos hasn’t: Reddit remains the de facto space for online communities. In line with this, in 2023, the product and design improvements you’ll see from us will simplify and streamline how people discover, join, and contribute (post, vote, comment) to communities and bring new ways to engage in conversations and content. This includes new features such as:

New feeds, including Read and Watch

Read, a way to optimize content for people in a text browsing mood and Watch, an option for video lovers to optimize their feed for video content."

According to top bosses at the social media site, the move is designed to make user experience "easier" across the board.

Pali Bhat, Chief Product Officer of Reddit., said in a statement: "We have an inspiring and enduring mission to bring community, belonging, and empowerment to the world, so we are doubling down on simplifying Reddit – with user satisfaction and international growth top of mind. This means making Reddit easier to use for everyone.

"By focusing on the core tenets of Reddit, new and existing users coming to Reddit will be greeted by better experiences and options to discover new and interesting content and communities in uncluttered space."

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