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New earbuds can detect heart rate and high blood pressure

New earbuds can detect heart rate and high blood pressure

A high-tech company has developed earbuds with blood pressure sensors that can detect heart rate and potential problems.

The wireless headphones, developed by U.S. giant MindMics Inc, will be able to record heartbeat vibrations in seconds as currently Apple Watch is only able to check heart rate every five minutes.

The buds will monitor the heart rate as the user listens to music and chats on the phone thanks to built in high-tech sensors that pick up the heart beats vibrations.

With the data being wirelessly transmitted to a microchip in the smartphone, the results can be analysed by doctors to help detect any defects.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally with an estimated 17.9 million people dying each year.

Tests conducted on the earbuds have shown that they are able to detect abnormal heart rhythms which can help save lives.

Francisco Leyva-Leon, a professor of cardiology at Aston University, and consultant cardiologist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, both in Birmingham, said: “It is plausible that these earbuds can pick up atrial fibrillation. But they need full clinical validation and are a long way from everyday use.”

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