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Google Glass cease production

Google Glass cease production

Google Glass will cease production.

Google has announced they are stopping making their line of smart glasses - which go for $999 a pop - after more than ten years.

According to their Glass Enterprise website, their trading has ended and they will no longer provide customer support or software updates after September 15th.

It reads: you will continue to be able to use the Glass Enterprise Edition device and existing software. No software updates from Google are planned.

They added: “The pre-installed Meet on Glass app will not receive ongoing support from Google after September 15, 2023, and the app may stop working at any time after September 15, 2023.”

The Google Glass first debuted over a decade with the intent to scroll the internet with a single lens. However, the original was plagued with problems like poor battery life, privacy worries and a whopping $1,500 price tag.

Following this, Google - which is owned and operated by its parent company, Alphabet - attempted to take the tech and the product to a more corporate market, leading them to create the Glass Enterprise, which was sold as a hands-free way to scroll the internet while at work.

In 2019, they offered up the Glass Enterprise Edition 2.0, an updated version with improved specs; however it is believed to be collateral damage of Alphabet’s 12,00 job cull.

Google told PC Mag: “For years, we've been building AR into many Google products, and we’ll continue to look at ways to bring new, innovative AR experiences across our product portfolio.”

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