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OpenAI CEO says artificial intelligence needs regulation

OpenAI CEO says artificial intelligence needs regulation

The OpenAI’s CEO says artificial intelligence needs regulation.

Sam Altman - who leads the company that owns and operates Chat GPT - appeared in front of Congress to testify about the pros and cons of the rapidly developing tech.

The 38-year-old industry professional labelled the concept similar to the “printing press” in terms of its ability to transform the world but admitted it poses problems - like his product offering false information as fact - as well as benefits.

Sam conceded that one of the biggest problems the AI could represent would be to people’s livelihoods as it can seen as a cheap way for business owners to reduce staffing costs, therefore, mean layoffs in certain industries like copywriting.

He told US lawmakers: "There will be an impact on jobs. We try to be very clear about that.

Senator Richard Blumenthal warned that an AI-heavy world "is not necessarily the future that we want".

The rep for Connecticut said: "We need to maximize the good over the bad. Congress has a choice now. We had the same choice when we faced social media. We failed to seize that moment.”

Senator Josh Hawley - who represents Missouri - admitted that the tech could be groundbreaking but highlighted how it could be like the invention of the “atomic bomb”.

Figures from across the tech industry, like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, have all expressed their scepticism about AI and come together to sign an open letter with the Future of Life Institution to warn about the potential havoc it could wreck on society.

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