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Apple strikes new deal with Arm

Apple strikes new deal with Arm

Apple has struck a deal with Arm going beyond 2040.

The tech giant relies on the chip design company's work for its products - including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and the upcoming Vision pro - and it looks set to continue that partnership for at least another 17 years.

As reported by Reuters, the two parties have struck a deal, with a disclosure referencing the arrangement appearing in new Arm documents files as part of a planned IPO.

The statement reads: "We have entered into a new long-term agreement with Apple that extends beyond 2040, continuing our longstanding relationship of collaboration with Apple and Apple’s access to the Arm architecture."

Arm noted that plenty of other major tech firms - such as Google, Intel and Samsung - have "indicated an interest" in purchasing "up to an aggregate" of $735 million in Arm shares.

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