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Sega boss teases 'something new' for fans

Sega boss teases 'something new' for fans

Toshihiro Nagoshi is gearing up to create "something new" for video game fans.

The designer serves as the creative director at Sega - the company behind iconic games such as the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series - and has now teased that the debut game through his own company Nagoshi Studios will "not betray" his fans.

He told Video Games Chronicle: "Obviously, we’re not going to create something exactly the same, but I do understand there are expectations from people based more on me as a creator and my personality, so people want to see my tastes and my personality in my new games. Obviously, I will not betray my fans in that sense – I will create something with my personality and make a dramatic game, stuff like that – and my taste and personality will be reflected in the game. I can’t tell you exactly what genre it’ll be or what the game is going to be like, but I will not betray my fans."

Toshihrio went on to add that he while it can be hard to create new games in the current climate, he has teamed up with the "very ambitious" NetEase and is hoping that the business will be expanded on a global scale.

He said: "The general environment [in this country] means it’s hard to try new things in Japan, but NetEase is very ambitious and wants to expand its business by succeeding worldwide and including the console game category, which aligns with our ambition!"

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