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Blue Patrol faces 'regulatory changes in Western market

Blue Patrol faces 'regulatory changes in Western market

Blue Patrol has had to make "regulatory changes" in the Western market.

The game is developed by Japanese studio Bandai Namco and is due out Europe at some point next year but the team at Amazon is working with the original developers to focus on making the required changes to the game whilst also retaining its artistic nature.

Franchise lead Mike Zadorojny told TechRaptor: "Generally speaking, if we're making a change it's usually for a regulatory reason.... USK, PEGI, ESRB... Because we're covering the Western market there are a lot of these to focus on. The goal is to keep the artistic integrity of the game.

"The story should be the same. The feel of the game should be the same, but there are certain aesthetics or certain styles of content that are more acceptable in Japan than they are in the Western market and those are the types of things that we're making changes to.

"So it's very light-gloved. We're trying to do a very light polish on this and make sure that the game can be as approachable as possible to the Western market."

The gaming boss went on to add that character changes have been made and one has been removed entirely.

He said: "Two of the main examples that we're talking about are... for one in the character creator in Japan, for female characters there is a button that will test the physics of the breasts. We removed that from the western version.

The other major one is... There is a bigger concern about child-looking characters, combat, death-related, things like that, so the smallest body type has been removed.

Those are the types of things, anything that's trying to protect the image and integrity of children from a regulatory perspective is let's say the harshest thing that we've done, but generally speaking, we're trying to leave as much as possible untouched.

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