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Apple issue iPhone 12 update amid demands from the French government

Apple issue iPhone 12 update amid demands from the French government

Apple will update the iPhone 12 following demands from the French government.

Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s digital minister, has announced that the tech giant is working on a software update for the 2020 model of its smartphone amid concerns about radiation levels that it could be emitting.

This comes after sales of the device were paused after France's national regulator claimed there was too much electromagnetic radiation and ordered Apple to fix the problem or face a ban.

Apple said the update would only apply to people living in France and implied that the discovery was the result of a testing regime unique to the European country and “not a safety concern”.

The company insisted that the iPhone 12 met with international standards - but Apple still planned to "issue a software update for users in France to accommodate the protocol used by French regulators".

The French government added their radio frequency regulator ANFR would go on to test the update before they resumed the sale of the phone. They previously threatened to recall all iPhone 12s sold in the country if the concern was not addressed.

The World Health Organisation has tried to soothe fears about the low risk of phone radiation, sharing on their website that the risk to mobile phone users was low.

Last week, meanwhile, Apple told BBC News they were working on fighting the ANFR’s findings as they conflicted with their and other labs’ conclusions. However, Mr Barrot gave the Steve Jobs-founded company a fortnight to deliver a solution amid their assertion it would lead to “a snowball effect”.

This comes after France passed on their test results to other countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, who announced that they were also looking into the problem.

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