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Disney Plus introducing sharing fee for users

Disney Plus introducing sharing fee for users

Disney+ will start charging users a fee to share their accounts.

The streaming giant's CFO Hugh Johnson has confirmed the plans will come into effect later this year following a similar move by Netflix in 2023.

Speaking during Disney's first quarter earnings call on Wednesday (07.02.24), he said: "Beginning this summer, Disney+ accounts suspected of improper sharing will be presented with new capabilities to allow their borrowers to start their own subscriptions.

"Later this calendar year, account holders who want to allow access to individuals from outside their household will be able to add them to their accounts for an additional fee."

The changes to the terms of user agreements mean subscribers won't be allowed to share their accounts with people outside their primary household, unless their subscription tier permits it.

According to the agreement, the streamer could check people are complying by looking at usage habits, and as a results could "limit or terminate access" for those breaking the rules.

New users are under the policy as of January 25, while existing customers have until March 14.

Disney CEO Bob Iger previously revealed the company has the "technical capability" to monitor sign-ins, but he admitted tackling the issue might take longer than people expect.

He said: "While it is likely you’ll see some impact in calendar '24, it’s possible that.. the work will not be completed within the calendar year.

“But we certainly have established this as a real priority, and we actually think that there’s an opportunity here to help us grow our business.”

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