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Ubisoft 'won't be hugely affected by gaming rival'

Ubisoft 'won't be hugely affected by gaming rival'

Microsoft making its gaming multi-platform won't have "a huge impact on the industry".

That is according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, who has suggested that his firm is unlikely to be unduly affected by Microsoft's long-term plans and ambitions.

During a recent investor call, Guillemot explained: "What you have to look at, anyway, Activision Blizzard used to be multi-platform, so it would have an impact, but it's not a huge impact on the industry."

Guillemot was also asked how Ubisoft's line-up will compare to Microsoft's releases in 2025.

Reflecting on the increased competition in the market, Guillemot said: "More people in the market means more money spent across - not just 'Grand Theft Auto 6' but other games, too."

Last year, meanwhile, Microsoft completed a $69 billion buyout of Activision Blizzard, the maker of hit gaming franchises such as 'Call of Duty' and 'World of Warcraft'.

Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, subsequently claimed that the takeover would "benefit players and the gaming industry worldwide".

The move was also welcomed by Microsoft Gaming chief executive, Phil Spencer.

The 56-year-old executive said in a post on X, formerly Twitter: "Today is a good day to play."

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