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Nintendo Switch 2 to be to be 'clocked crazy low' for better battery life

Nintendo Switch 2 to be to be 'clocked crazy low' for better battery life

The Nintendo Switch 2 will reportedly be "clocked crazy low" for better battery life.

According to the YouTube channel Moore's Law Is Dead and content creator The Phawx, the Japanese gaming conglomerate's upcoming console will overclock its CPU when in docked mode to optimise the device's performance, and underclock it to give it long-lasting screen-on time when in handheld mode.

The insiders also claimed Nintendo's highly-anticipated console would include ray-tracing functionality akin to Microsoft's Xbox Series S.

This news comes just days after it was reported the device would be backwards compatible with older Nintendo Switch games.

Mobapad – a company that produces accessories for the console – said the device would be able to play titles made for Nintendo's previous Switches that were released as physical cartridges.

The business also reported the Switch 2 would support 4K when it is docked to a monitor with an appropriate resolution, and will feature an eight-inch 720p display for on-the-go gaming.

As well as these upgrades, Mobapad said that the upcoming console would come with Joy-Cons that feature magnetic suction, allowing users to quickly snap on the controls when the console is in handheld mode.

Previous rumours from Moore's Law Is Dead pointed to the Switch 2 closing the performance gap with PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X thanks to a new NVIDIA Tegra T239 chipset, and would utilise the chip manufacturer's 'Deep Learning Super Sampling' technology to keep up with Sony and Microsoft's offerings.

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