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Elon Musk thanks investors amid Tesla pay dispute

Elon Musk thanks investors amid Tesla pay dispute

Elon Musk has thanked Tesla investors for supporting his 2018 compensation agreement.

The 52-year-old businessman - who serves as the CEO of Tesla Motors - could potentially receive a $56 billion pay package if Tesla investors opt to approve the deal.

A YouTuber initially posted on X: "Just voted IN FAVOR to ratify the 100 percent performance-based stock option award to Elon Musk that was proposed to and approved by our stockholders in 2018.

"Voting as a TSLA shareholder just takes a minute (simple as clicking on your brokerage email). (sic)"

And in response to support from the Tesla investor, Elon - who is already one of the richest people in the world - simply replied: "Thanks to all Tesla vote supporters!"

Under the terms of his 2018 agreement, Elon's pay is tied to the general performance of the company.

And as he's managed to grow Tesla dramatically over recent years, Elon could be handed an eye-watering bonus that's worth as much as $56 billion.

However, earlier this year, a judge in Delaware annulled the 2018 pay deal.

Judge Kathaleen McCormick found that Tesla directors were "starry eyed" owing to Elon's "superstar appeal".

The judge claimed that the deal was "unfathomable" and insisted that it should be scrapped altogether.

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