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New emojis are coming to smartphones

New emojis are coming to smartphones

The Unicode Consortium is looking to introduce seven new emojis.

The nonprofit organisation - which, among other things, chooses the emoji icons used on smartphones around the world - has unveiled a collection of additional emojis in a beta review period before they can be officially approved.

In the v16.0 update, Unicode revealed a face with bags under the eyes, a fingerprint, a leafless tree, a root vegetable, a harp, a shovel, a splatter and the Sark flag.

They explained: "The characters were based on proposals received by the Unicode Consortium, reviewed by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, and selected on the basis of the Emoji Selection Factors in Submitting Emoji Proposals."

The beta review period will last until July 2, at which point the new emojis will likely be approved.

However, users shouldn't expect to see them right away, as it can take months for the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Google to make their own designs based on the general icons.

The face with bags under eyes icon is proposed alongside other keywords including "exhausted", "sleepy" and "tired", while the fingerprint includes "forensics", "identity" and "safety".

For the leafless tree, keywords include "barren", "drought" and winter", and the root vegetable has "beet", "garden", "root", "turnip" and "vegetable".

Splatter's keywords as "holi", "paint", "spill" and "stain", while shovel's are "dig", "hole", "scoop" and "space".

Harp's are listed as "cupid", "instrument", "love, "music" and "orchestra".

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