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Apple to provide iPhone security updates for at least the next 5 years

Apple to provide iPhone security updates for at least the next 5 years

Apple has vowed to provide security updates for iPhones for a "minimum of five years".

A new statement regarding its compliance with the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Act in the UK for the iPhone 15 Pro Max confirmed the tech giant's commitment.

It read: "The above-named manufacturer hereby declares in their opinion that they have complied with the deemed

compliance conditions in Schedule 2 of the Statutory Instruments 2023, No.1007 Consumer Protection, The

Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (Security Requirements for Relevant Connectable

Products) Regulations 2023, Made 14th September 2023, Enforcement date 29th April 2024."

The commitment to updates comes after it was confirmed that Nvidia has overtaken Apple in share value.

The chip company has been given a $3 trillion market share and has become the third most valuable company listed on a public stock exchange.

The share price surged by more than five percent, to more than $1,224, amid speculation that the company will become dominant following the recent rise of AI-related investment.

In February, the company was valued at $2 trillion - but Nvidia incited an injection of cash from buyers last month when it revealed its intentions for an apparent stock split. The split will increase the number of shares by a factor of ten, cutting their value by the same amount. The intention is to make the shares more accessible to less high-rolling investors.

This change will begin on Friday (07.06.24) and is tipped to increase the demand for Nvidia’s stock.

The company was founded in 1993 and gained its reputation for producing computer chips for processing graphics, mainly for computer games. Its move to machine learning predates the AI boom, contributing to its growing market dominance.

The company has seen massive growth in recent times, with revenue of $26 billion in the year’s first three months - more than three times the same quarter last year - and an 18 pe rcent increase from the last three months.

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