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British Grand Prix to use facial recognition again

British Grand Prix to use facial recognition again

Silverstone will once again use facial recognition at the British Grand Prix.

After introducing the security technology - which is a way of identifying or confirming an individual’s identity using their face - at the Formula 1 event last year, Northamptonshire Police will scan the faces of around 480,000 people between July 4 and 7, in a bid to prevent any criminal activity.

Detective Superintendent Richard Tompkins told the BBC: "Each year throws up its own challenges so we can never afford to become complacent."

Tompkins added: "If you are wanted in Northamptonshire... in surrounding counties, or indeed if we have information that you may be coming to commit crime as part of an organised gang, we will load your image up."

There have been several cases brought against the use of facial recognition.

Tompkins reassures that there only intention is to "keep the public safe" and is adamant no data is stored.

He said: "I liken this to CCTV in public towns where there was understandingly some concerns to the public a number of years ago.

"It's the same thing here, I absolutely get the concerns, we don't retain the data... it comes back to what is the primary aim of the operation. It's to keep the public safe."

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