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Smart wallet tells you when its lost

Inventors have created a smart wallet that lets you know if you've left it behind.

The team at Volterman Inc. has created the "world's most powerful smart wallet", which has an in-built powerbank, GPS tracking and its own WiFi hotspot.

Writing on their IndieGoGo page, they shared: "A revolutionary wallet made by award winning designers and engineers. Volterman has a built-in Powerbank, Distance Alarm System, Worldwide GPS Tracking, Thief Detection Camera and Global WiFi hotspot.

"The built-in powerbank fully charges your smartphone on the go and works both wirelessly and with a cable. It is extremely lightweight and thin.

"The Bluetooth Alarm System doesn't only notify you every time you leave your wallet behind, it sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind as well! The Wi-Fi Hotspot ensures you have internet, wherever you travel. The internet cost with Volterman is up to 3 times cheaper than regular roaming charges.

"With the Global GPS system, it secures you from thieves and loss. From Australia to Alaska, track your wallet wherever you are in real-time."

The smart wallet also has a tiny camera inside, which takes pictures of the user any time the wallet is put in lost mode and sends those photographs over to you so you can find out who has stolen the wallet.

They added: "There's a tiny camera in Volterman. Once your wallet is in lost mode, Volterman's camera pictures anyone who opens it and sends you the pics."

The Volterman smart wallet is expected to retail at $238.

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