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DrinkMate Breathalyzer attaches to your iPhone

A US-based company have launched a compact breathalyzer that attaches to your iPhone.

Edge Tech Labs have unveiled the DrinkMate, which can give you an instant Blood Alcohol Content reading using a small device that plugs into your smartphone.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "After 2 years of development, we're finally ready to release the iOS version of DrinkMate, the smallest breathalyzer in the world. DrinkMate is the next iteration of breathalyzer technology and we've made it affordable!

"We believe in simplicity and convenience. You plug DrinkMate into your iPhone, the app launches (or prompts you to download), and you blow into the end. Your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is then displayed right on screen. Quick, easy, and shareable."

The team are hoping the interactivity of the breathalyzer will encourage people to pressure their pals into not drinking and driving.

The post added: "Technology is not the reason people make poor decisions after drinking- it's psychology. If someone wants to make a mistake after drinking, like driving, they're going to find a way to do it if they're alone. If their friends are with them, however, either physically or digitally, peer pressure can be used in positive way to make safer choices.

"DrinkMate and its app fundamentally change the image and goal of breathalyzers. Its design inherently draws in friends and people around you to see what you're doing in a friendly manner. If your friend keeps blowing a high BAC number, can you really just sit there and let them make a mistake? You can't - you're forced to help them make the right choice. The more people who know how much they've had to drink, the safer a group is as a whole."

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