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Solar Glasses charge on the go

Researchers have created a pair of glasses that generates solar power.

A team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe, Germany have unveiled the accessory that could one day be used to charge handheld devices.

Dr. Alexander Colsmann, Head of Organic Photovoltaics Group at KIT's Light Technology Institute (LTI), said: "We bring solar power to places where other solar technologies fail."

Whilst PhD student Dominik Landere, who worked on the project, added: "The Solar Glasses we developed are an example of how organic solar cells may be employed in applications that would not be feasible with conventional photovoltaics."

A solar lens can be attached onto any commercial sunglass frame, allowing the Solar Glasses to shield a person's eyes from the sun as well as collect solar energy. The solar cell lenses are only approximately 1.6 millimetres thick and weigh just six grams whilst the microprocessor and the two displays are integrated into the Solar Glasses. These displays are able to show the illumination intensity and the ambient temperature as small bar graphs.

The Solar Glasses aren't just limited to be used outside; they can also be used in light rooms like offices or living areas. Currently, each of the lenses can create 200 microwatts of electric power, which can power devices such as hearing aids or step counters but there is a hope that it could eventually create more power to charge handheld devices such as smartphones or even tablets.

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