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Hong Kong company develops solar-powered phone charger

ZeroLemon have developed a solar-powered phone charger that is capable of charging your phone multiple times.

The Hong Kong based tech company have created a 26800mAh version of their popular chargers, which they say will "provide the best battery solution" to avid phone users.

Writing on their IndieGoGo page, they shared: "ZeroLemon is created by a handful of smartphone enthusiasts who want more power with their phones and provide the best battery solution. We created the world's first Tri-Cell Battery Design and apply it to all flagship smartphones so that users around the world can enjoy the world's highest capacity battery.

"We had our 20000mAh SolarJuice battery charger in 2015 and found this is a great product to help people who need power outdoor. Therefore,we tried to upgrade the 20000mAh SolarJuice to the current 26800mAh version with more function and more power. And the new version is here now!"

The charger runs off a battery but can also be powered using solar energy in emergency situations. It also has a flashlight with four modes - maximum brightness, low brightness, strobe and an SOS function. It also comes with a handy clip for hanging onto a backpack or belt buckle.

It is rain-resistant as well as being dirt-proof, shock-proof and therefore is being pitched for those who go on long trips without easy access to electricity or hiking groups.

Explaining the solar energy part on their website, they added: "The SolarJuice can be recharged using solar energy when it's exposes to the sun or in the environment where it is exposed to strong light. Please note that the solar charging function is for emergencies and idle continuous charging. It is not recommended for use as the primary power source for charging. The solar charging conversion rate is 200mA per hour under sunlight and works as a suitable secondary charge when outdoors."

The ZeroLemon SolarJuice-26800mAh USB-C Solar Charger retails for around $99.99.

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