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Tech wizard creates gif camera

A tech wizard has created a polaroid camera that prints gifs.

The technology fan unveiled his Instagif NextStep, a camera that takes and prints moving pictures.

Writing about the build on imgur, he shared: "I built a camera that snaps a GIF and ejects a little cartridge so you can hold a moving photo in your hand! I'm calling it the 'Instagif NextStep'. Don't ask me why I built it, it sounded like a fun challenge and I always wanted to hold a moving photo. If it wasn't obvious, I was inspired by the Polaroid OneStep.

"What I love about these kinds of projects is that they involve a bunch of different skill sets and disciplines - hardware, software, 3D modeling, 3D printing, circuit design, mechanical/electrical engineering, design, fabrication etc that need to be integrated for it to work seamlessly. Ironically this is also what I hate about these kinds of projects.

"I have detailed all the steps here and have released all the code, eagle files and design files so you can create your own. As always I underestimated the project which ended up being far more complex and taking up far more time than I had accounted for. Some would think I should have learned by now."

The camera is really easy to use, working with just a single push of a button.

Explaining how it works, he added: "There's a hidden discreet button on the base of the camera which you click to power on the system. This is a actually the button of the power bank. The cartridge needs to be powered on separately. There's a discreet button placed between the two copper plates.

"Click the red button to take a picture. It snaps a three second GIF and the cartridge is ejected automatically when the picture is ready. Reload the cartridge into the slot and press the black button to slide it back in. [To turn off] long press the black button (>3 secs) to power off the camera and the cartridge."

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