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Government temporarily blocks access to Steam

Access to 'Steam' has been temporarily blocked in Malaysia in response to a controversial new title.

The 2D brawler, which has been made by indie Taiwanese developer Digital Crafter and UK publisher PQube, has attracted the attention of the Malaysian government, because it includes religious figures against each other, such as Jesus, Buddha and Zeus, among others.

While the inclusion has upset officials in Malaysia, the developers clearly see it as one of the main attractions of the title.

A description from the developers reads: "Your prayers have been answered!

"For the first time ever, gods, holy spirits and mythological characters from around the globe and throughout history will clash in an explosive 2D fighter where the entire world is at stake! Who will emerge victorious from the most destructive combat tournament the universe has ever witnessed."

The controversial title touches on a host of religious beliefs and ideas, while it also features a number of well-known environments, such as Mount Olympus and the Garden of Eden.

But in response to the recent launch, a government official told The Star newspaper in Malaysia: "Malaysians respect all cultural and religious sensitivities, and the sale and distribution of the religiously insensitive and blasphemous games must be stopped immediately."

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