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Apple will release new iPhone this week

Apple are reportedly set to release a new iPhone this week.

The multinational technology company are set to unveil the latest design in their mobile device range, titled iPhone X, on Tuesday (09.12.17) Macworld has reported.

It has been reported the upcoming product will have an array of high technology elements that do not feature in any pre-existing model, such as facial recognition software instead of Touch ID, a clearer OLED screen as well as a front cover that is entirely covered in glass, which will mean the Home button will be scrapped from the face of the device for the first time.

The change in the power behind the screen will mean the colors on the phone will be brighter and more vivid in comparison to previous models.

However, this new element has proved difficult for creators as the OLED screen has caused a number of manufacturing faults, which is believed to be the reason the big unveil has been pushed back over the past few months.

The iPhone X is believed to have a longer battery life as well, whilst the relocation of the Home button to the side of the mobile has been fitted with various settings to correspond to different actions; one double click of the power button is believed to start up Apple Pay, and holding the button down for a longer time with activate Siri.

The product will also be fitted with a vertically aligned camera lens, as well as Portrait Lighting flash to improve the quality of a photograph taken from the portrait angle with the added lighting facility.

And the iPhone X is set to retail for $1,000, which is 30 per cent more than the latest release iPhone 7 Plus, when the highly coveted item hits stores tomorrow.

This news comes months after speculation the label was going to release a new product, although it was rumored the brand were going to drop the iPhone 8 smartphone or iPhone Pro.

And it has been reported that when the iPhone X drops, so will the iPhone 8, as well as the iPhone 8 Plus.

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