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Google launch audio QR payment app

Google have launched a new paying system for their users in India.

The multinational company have developed Tez, a new mobile app that allows you to pay for things both online and offline using your smartphone.

They wrote in a blog post: "With over 300 million smartphone users in India and rapidly improving connectivity, the internet is becoming a daily part of life for many Indians ... But when it comes to paying for things in the real world - vegetables, bus fares, the chaiwallah, splitting the bill at dinner or paying on delivery for something purchased online - those smartphones often go unused. Out instead comes ... wads of paper. Indians love cash ...

"To make digital payments truly work for India, we need a product that can compete with cash. It needs to be simple, affordable, and work everywhere and for everyone. So today we are introducing a new mobile app from Google, Tez - a simple and secure way to pay for things, big and small, online and offline, in India. Tez is a payments and commerce app built for India on top of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) standard."

Tez allows you to make cash-like payments using their "proprietary Audio QR technology".

Explaining how it works, they added: "One of the most powerful aspects of cash is that it enables you to pay others without exchanging sensitive personal information. Cash Mode enables just that by letting you pay another Tez user nearby without having to share personal details like your bank account or phone number. This is ideal for paying the auto-wallah or sabzi-wallah.

"Bring two phones near each other, hit pay or request, enter your UPI PIN and the payment goes instantly from one bank account to another. Cash Mode is built using our proprietary AQR (Audio QR) technology, which is similar to QR codes but more convenient and more secure. And unlike NFC, it works on almost any smartphone in India, whether Android or iOS."

The Tez app can currently be downloaded in India on Android or iOS.

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