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McLaren's Invincible Shield

McLaren have created an Invincible Shield.

The team at McLaren Applied Technologies have shown off the protective body shield they made for a client out of materials that will be used in next season's Formula 1 car.

McLaren's Chief Medical Officer Dr Adam Hill said: "From digital therapeutics, to tailored human performance programmes and bespoke medical devices, our aim is to innovate health care solutions that can be tailored for individual patients.

"The common thread in all of our projects is data. We use data to build a digital picture of how a patient is performing or recovering, and then create solutions, or in the case of the Project Invincible, devices, to aid our users ...

"Applied Technologies has a pedigree of applying insight and technology developed from decades of elite motorsport competition, and Project Invincible is no different. The Invincible shield is made from materials that will be in next year's Formula 1 car."

The shield was commissioned to help protect the client's vital organs after surgery, doing the job of the rib cage.

Project lead Dan Toon added: "We effectively had a blank canvas. When we received the client's brief, we didn't have a particular solution in mind. And that was actually a benefit because it gave the whole team the freedom to explore all the issues and understand every constraint.

"Our journey started with a one-to-one meeting with the client. What were their expectations and key requirements? Our client wanted their day-to-day experience improved, requiring it to be discreet beneath a shirt, for instance. So, we spent several hours creating a detailed requirement specification to underpin the development. We spent a month alone generating and developing ideas against the brief and that set of constraints."

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