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Aire robot flies around the home

A tech company have launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring their "self-flying robotic assistant for the home" to life.

The team behind the Aire say their device will have lots of practical uses - including providing home security - as well as other handy tools such as being able to take a photo with a single voice command.

Writing about the robot on their Kickstarter page, they shared: "Aire employs technology similar to "inside out tracking" of AR/VR headsets and self-driving cars to navigate safely through your home. Amazon Alexa voice commands and IFTTT automation triggers allow you to control Aire's flight, functions, and other IoT devices within in home. When Aire detects sound or motion anomalies at home it sends an alert, allowing you to launch Aire to inspect any room, on any floor via live-stream video. With Aire as your photographer, you'll always be in the photo and not behind the camera by using voice photography and virtual visits features ...

"We believe personal robots designed for the home will enhance our daily lives and offer peace of mind. Building a self-flying robot that navigates well in complex home environments was technically challenging. We had to incorporate new hardware (like the processors in self-driving cars), cutting edge robotics and computer vision software. By overcoming these engineering challenges, Aire became the first in a brand new product category with a whole new frontier of possibilities."

The Aire's home security service lets you remotely control your camera and check on your house if an alarm is triggered.

They shared: "With Aire as your home security, you have the privacy of only one (flying) camera in a common area and eliminating multiple stationary cameras in sensitive areas throughout your home. Upon receiving an alert, take off, travel to any room or floor of your home to investigate the alert. Watch live video streams while Aire is in-flight or docked for remote monitoring of your home or loved ones.

"Watch live video streams while Aire is in-flight or docked. Anomaly detection listens for loud noises or unexpected motion while docked and notifies user via smartphone."

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